A Businessman for New Haven

Josh Rose, an accountant for a local small business, lives in the Edgewood neighborhood of New Haven with his wife, Sara, his daughter Atara, and his newborn son, Abraham.
He is running for State Representative, serving the Edgewood, Dwight, and Westville neighborhoods of New Haven.

A History of Caring

Josh and his wife Sara have fostered over a dozen rescue dogs and are ardent proponents of the humane treatment of animals. Josh brings this passion and compassion to everything he does and his representation of New Haven at our State Capitol will be no exception.


Increase Household Incomes

By cutting wasteful government spending, we can lower taxes and put more money back in the pockets of the working class.  I will work to end ideologically driven expenses that have no real benefit to our state.  I will support all sensible tax cuts for the middle class and I have pledged to oppose any tax increases or tolls.

More Connecticut Jobs

By ending job killing regulations and red tape, as well as reducing the tax burden on businesses, we will bring jobs back to Connecticut without giving corporate welfare to politically connected favorites.

Safety For Your Family

Strict enforcement of existing laws can take violent criminals off the streets. Putting police officers in schools will protect our children.

Fix State Employee Benefits

For the past 40 years, politicians made promises to state unions that are impossible for Connecticut to keep. Workers accepted jobs expecting those benefits upon retirement. We need to find a middle ground that is both fair to state employees and fair to Connecticut taxpayers.

Fair Property Tax

Protect renters and second home owners from unfair property tax structures that are intended to penalize investors. I oppose any legislation that allows other residential property to be taxed at a higher rate than a primary residence.